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Fusion Ink Gradient Pack 42 Colours - 1oz

Fusion Ink Gradient Pack 42 Colours - 1oz

Introducing the Fusion Ink Gradient System!

Say goodbye to tedious colour mixing with Fusion’s revolutionary Gradient System. Formulated with the coming MOCRA Regulations, we’ve removed Glycerin and Isopropyl Alcohol while boosting pigment load for vibrantn results.

Easy Blending, Seamless Artistry:
Our 11 base colours, meticulously crafted into gradients, empower artists to effortlessly blend from dark to light without the hassle of mixing in the cap.

Versatile Palette, Boundless Creativity:
From Uncut Bright Red to Uncut Purple, explore a spectrum of hues designed to inspire your next piece.

Exceptional Quality, Unmatched Performance:
Trust Fusion Ink’s commitment to excellence for consistent, long-lasting results that exceed industry standards.

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