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BLK Solidifying Powder

Black powder is designed to make the day to day task of keeping your tattoo station more hygienic and easier by eliminating your ‘wet waste’.

Just simply pour blkpowder into your rinse cup and your ink caps at the end of the procedure to solidify your wet waste. Once solid your cups and caps can be disposed of in the same way as your used paper towels and other solid waste.

We work closely with tattooists everyday dealing with their clinical waste ethically and amicably. We believe in supporting the tattoo industry by producing products that make life easier and safer.

Blkpowder was developed with the help of professional tattoo artists in order to keep a more hygienic workplace with minimal effort. Whether they are in their studio or ‘on the road’ at a convention. We believe we have developed the most efficient and cost effective product currently available.

Created by clinical waste disposal experts. Blkpowder is trusted and used everyday by leading artists worldwide.

• Solidifies your liquid waste

• Ideal for studios and travelling artists

• Reduces cross contamination risks

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Our apologies for the next 7 days we will be a bit behind with orders due to half the staff being off with the flu.