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Sabre Power Supplies

WHATS INSIDE - The Vault utilises switch mode technology to improve on power efficiency. Its powerful microprocessor can constantly monitor and adjust the output voltage to give a rock steady voltage under all load conditions. Sabre has been specifically over engineered to ensure complete robustness and reliability up to and beyond the design specifications. With its maximum output voltage of 16V and powerful 2A of current the Sabre unit can push out a whopping 30W of power with ease. The Vault is protected against overload and short circuits, it will perform every day guaranteed, giving total reliability.

OLED SCREEN -The high contrast OLED graphic display is angled and the best there is.

EASE OF USE - So simple and functional, press once for normal mode, twice for continuous.

CONTROL DIAL -The multifunction aluminium control dial is a breeze to operate and makes for ease of adjustment when your hands are already busy.

DIAL COVERS - Yes the designers have thought of everything! Cross contamination is eliminated without the use for barrier film by using the disposable dial covers.

MADE IN THE UK - The first power supply to be designed and manufactured in the UK. Works worldwide.

OUTER CASING - Constructed from scratch resistant BioCote® ABS and black anodised aircraft aluminium.

BIOCOTE® ANTIMICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY - Sabre have teamed up with BioCote® making it the first power supply to house antimicrobial technology. BioCote® is added during manufacturing and lasts for the life of the power supply. It is proven and guaranteed under laboratory conditions against drug resistant bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and CRE.

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