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A Pound of Flesh Practice Body Parts


Run out of flesh to practice tattoos on? No space left on your own body? No friends brave enough to wear your budding imperfect portfolio for life? You could practice on practice skins, but how is that anything like the real thing?

Now you can practice tattoo on the closest thing to a real body with ‘A Pound of Flesh’ synthetic practice hands, arms, and feet.

“A Pound of Flesh” are silicone/rubber based synthetic body parts created to replicate the experience of tattooing a client’s real body parts. Its main purpose is to help an apprentice and beginning tattoo artist learn tattooing techniques under real conditions, without having to practice -- and make mistakes -- on real people. More experienced artists can also use A Pound of Flesh, whether to practice new techniques or sample new equipment. The hands can also showcase an artist’s work in a unique 3D portfolio. Prospective clients will better judge an artist’s true skill and craft, seeing the work firsthand, so to speak, rather than just lifeless on paper.

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