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Cheyenne Hawk Machines and Accessories

Before buying a Tattoo machine. 

Please note: All repairs and warranty work on all Tattoo machines has to be done by the manufacturer and can take approximately 4-6 weeks.


Protat Team

The easily adjustable Hawk is a German engineered tattoo machine, developed to meet ISO 9001 and 13485 Medical Guidelines in the US. It utilizes disposable, quick switch needle cartridges, and is exceptionally light, compact, & user-friendly.

The Hawk, designed and tested to meet very exacting specifications, allows an artist to work with greater control and response. The Hawk provides all the benefits of a rotary machine without sacrificing the feedback response found with coil machines. The Hawk will automatically adjust to an artists movement, as well as to every working environment or situation.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you are using a Cheyenne power supply, you may need to use a Cheyenne Hawk Thunder "Start-Up Lead", listed for purchase below. This is because the machine is too strong for regular power supplies. If you use one of them (e.g. Eikon) please set it on 12V! Once the thunder starts running, you can lower it down to even 5V.

For repair of machines outside of warranty please contact

The Hawks Needle Cartridges are designed for health conscious tattooing. The cartridges have an integrated membrane that prevents contamination. in addition, the needles simply retract back into the safety cartridge when the machine is switched off.

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