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Kwadron Magnums

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All Kwadron needles are their industry famous long taper needles.

Kwadron Premium Needles

Europe's Number 1 Tattoo Needle

Needle size:
12 Gauge
.35mm Diameter

Kwadron are undoubtedly the most impressive tattoo needles available in the market.

We are proud to present a best-in-class product, truly outstanding compared to many other brands of needles.

Each configuration includes the same razor-sharp, flexible and long taper needles of improved strength, grouped together with the highest possible precision.

90% of needles available in the market are simple products made of soft steel that bend and deform easily. The quality of the soldering also leaves a lot to be desired. The movement of the needle causes strong friction that ordinary needles are unable to withstand. The needle loses sharpness and releases metal shavings and dust that get under the skin and may pose a health risk. The outcome is less than perfect, and it takes weeks for the skin to heal completely.

What Kwadron offer, are perfectly configured and soldered needles of the finest quality. Kwadron guarantee that in every box you buy each needle will be equally great. Evenly sharp needles ensure the highest quality of work.

Kwadron needles exclusively available at Protat Australia

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