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2000 x Class 4 Indicator Strips

2000 x Class 4 Indicator Strips

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TITEMS is a complex chemical formulation providing assurance that the three major parameters of the sterilization process have been met. Thus steam quality, temperature and time are monitored to the point that the confirmation with biological spores will be compatible with the colour change from white to black. IE, The end point of the colour change is aligned to the thermal death time of B Stearothermophilus with an added safety margin.

TITEMS should not be regarded as a sterilization indicator, but rather as an accurate monitor of the functions required by the sterilizer. The purity and quality of the formulation is primarily the reason for its accuracy, but the method of production involving paper of neutral pH, the application of the chemical by silk screen technology all provide for high reliability. The amount of chemical applied to the paper substrate is critical for optimal reaction and this also sets TITEMS apart from other products.

TITEMS may be used in all steam sterilizers operating at temperatures from 121°C to 142°C. The relative time period for all processed is controlled by means of barrier resins: eg. exposure at 121°C for 15 minutes; at 134°C for three minutes will allow the complete colour change from white to black.

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