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Medizyme Proteolytic Enzyme Cleaner 5ltr

Medizyme Proteolytic Enzyme Cleaner 5ltr

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MEDIZYME is a specialised enzymatic detergent solution that is capable of removing blood and other protein deposits without the use of cleaning equipment and abrasive or corrosive action. Several methods commonly used for cleaning equipment and instruments are manual washing, mechanical washing and the use of ultrasonic cleaners. While these methods are suitable for many items there are still a large number of instruments and complex devices that cannot be either safely or adequately cleaned by these methods. MEDIZYME rapidly solubilises and disperses blood and other proteinaceous soils without physical effort and provide a very effective alternative for cleaning complex instruments.

MEDIZYME acts quickly by penetrating and degrading dried blood and other proteinaceous continuations that are difficult to remove by traditional methods of cleaning. The first and often vital step in any process of sterilisation is the removal of organic soils. If blood or other organic matter is not entirely removed prior to sterilisation, sterility of the equipment may be compromised. Meticulous mechanical cleaning prior to disinfecting is essential. Disinfectant solutions work only on contact and can harden organic matter that may then appear to be "corrosion" on the instruments.

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