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Protat Premium Aftercare Cream 50g - Tattoo

Protat Premium Aftercare Cream 50g - Tattoo

Protat Premium After Care cream has been designed to be the primary product in the Protat range. It utilises the technology of the Soothing After Care Cream with the added ingredients.

Grapefruit Seed Extract teamed with the unique blend of emollients, humectants and soothing agents in the base make it the ideal product to care for new body art.

Although Grapefruit Seed Extract proves to be an effective and potent product, its dermal toxicity has been tested to not be a primary irritant and it is non-corrosive. Simply put, it is not irritating or damaging to the skin.

Colour protection is the other consideration in the creation of this after care cream. Reduction in the incident of dehydration and scab formation will ensure that the body art achieves it’s best possible effect. A moist environment is the optimised situation to promote rapid development of the final body art effect. This is achieved two fold: firstly by providing additional moisture to the compromised tissue, and secondly by locking in the moisture with emollients.

The Protat technicians worked tirelessly researching the best possible emollient to achieve a barrier that would not be too occlusive, but retain an efficacious quantity of moisture. It is for this purpose that lanolin comprises the majority of the functional component of Protat Premium After-care Cream. Lanolin is a naturally occurring, environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable resource. Extensively documented and trialled as being the most like human sebum. It is unsurpassed in its ability to lubricate the skin.

The Protat range uses lanolin of BP standard, that it is lanolin certified to be of a pre-determined quality and meets the defined parameters outlined in the current British Pharmacopeia.

The emulsifying characteristics of lanolin also help to dissolve sebum plugs. The sebum plugs created by the pigment particles obstructing the pore, which in turn reduces the flow of sebum and forms a blockage or plug. By massaging a small amount of Protat Premium Aftercare Cream over the affected area, the incident of pore blockages is minimised.

Aloe Vera, with its naturally aqueous characteristic helps to reduce dehydration of the body art.

Complementary to Aloe Vera is the centipeda cunninghamii, a soothing natural extract that comes from a low aromatic perennial daisy native to Australia. Aboriginals have used Centipeda for centuries.

Its constituents include chrysanthenyl acetate, triterpenoid saponins, polyacetylenes, sesquiterpene lactone, myriogenin, coumarin, flavonoid and lignan.

The structural components of the premium cream include Polysorbate 20 and cetyl dimethicone copolyol. All of which are ingredients registered as excipients. These excipients are vital to emulsion stability, which ensures that the product delivers on to the skin as a multi-phased and multifunctional film.

The Protat Team trialled numerous combinations of excipient bases until they found the unique blend that effectively/easily spread across the sensitive and damaged area with a pre-determined final product film thickness.

Protat’s in-depth understanding and commitment to all aspects of Tattoo Aftercare guarantee that this product is by far the most superior available to date. It is indeed a unique formulation for the highly specialised art of Micro-pigmentation.


  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (Citrus Paradisi)
  • Panthenol (Provitamin B5): Is a water-soluble member of the B Complex Vitamins, noted for its ability to deeply moisten and hydrate the skin.
  • (-)-a-Bisabolol: Derived for the Chamomile Plant, which is considered one of the most widely used of the Medicinal Plants. Notably it is especially effective on skin and mucous surfaces. The nature identical Bisabolol yields outstanding results in its ability to soothe and calm the skin and is a component of many cosmetic formulations.
  • Glycerin: A vegetable material derived from Palm trees. Glycerin is described as having humectancy (the ability to attract and hold moisture from the air). This further aids in the Premium Cream product’s capacity to create a moist environment. This permits optimised enhancement of freshly applied art.
  • Allantoin: Long recognised for its skin action in cosmetic creams this ingredient is both natural and functional. Documented in a magnitude of tests and trials, allantoin provides benefits through skin hydration and soothing. Allantoin is a constituent of the desert succulent Aloe Vera, which is accredited with numerous skin and health benefits.

Why Protat uses Lanolin as an emollient.
The scientific facts about Lanolin.

Lanolin is a totally natural emollient which has a lipid (oil) profile very similar to sebum (skin oil) (1) lanolin works in three ways to create a healthy and moist enviroment on the skin.

  1. Because lanolin is similar to and soluble in sebum it contributes moisture to the stratum cornuem (outer layer of the skin).
  2. Lanolin adds to the natural protective mantell of the skin to prevent moisture loss.
  3. Lanolin acts as a humactant absorbing moisture from the enviroment to keep the skin moist.

The above functions are critical in the prevention of a dry layer forming on the skinstratum corneim (outer layer of the epidermis) which will negitively impact on the tatoo.

Lanolin has an extremely low rate of allergy or sensitivity. Since the recognition that trace amounts of oil soluble pesticides and herbicides were responsible for some negative reactions to lanolin manufacturers now produce lanolin that is effictively free from such allergins. In fact studies confirm that “lanolin must be classified among the most marginal sensitisers in all of clinical medicine (Klingman 1982).

Lanolin is also helpful in softening the “plugs” of sebaceous material responsible for blocking pores which causes infection and pimples.

Hygienic Seal
As part of Protat’s ongoing emphasis on clinical standards, we are gradually introducing hygienic safety seals on all of our tattoo cream tubes.

To unseal, simply unscrew the lid and peel the seal off before using.

i Davis RH; Kabbani JM; Maro NP: Wound Healing & Anti-inflammatory activity of Aloe Vera. Pa Acad. Sci. 60:79, 1986

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