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I Am Ink

FIRST GENERATION, I AM INK® presents an ink that combines application-oriented know-how with the highest quality pigment.

The FIRST GENERATION recipe yields a black so intensive that it is capable of absorbing nearly all light and thus leaving the impression that it is jet black—without any contamination by harmful PAHs.

In the same way, I AM INK® is able to offer a white whose specific crystal structure allows it to achieve such a high optical density that it comes close to ideal white - without excessive contamination by heavy metals.

The advanced formulation already enables us to comply not only with the current ResAP2008_1 but also with the planned, very strict ECHA regulation. Features:- Without carcinogenic substances such as PAHs or AA's, Use of high quality pigments / high optical density, Conforms to the applicable ResAP2008_1 regulation, Vegan

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