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Genuine Classic Spirit Thermal Paper

Genuine Classic Spirit Thermal Paper

Spirit thermal paper is limited to 2 boxes per studio at the moment

NOTE we only recommend the new carriers codes TC8 and TC9 to be used with Genuine Spirit Master thermal paper.

Box of 100 sheets 8" x 11" (A4)

Storage of Spirit Thermal paper

Spirit Paper is a thermally reactive product and has always required storage away from heat and humidity. The high sensitivity of the variation batches has caused issue at lower standard temperatures than normal and demonstrated correct ongoing storage of Spirit Paper is now a requirement all customers must observe.

There remains no formal storage declaration on packaging or product, however the manufacturer Spirit Tattoo Products USA, advise ‘Over the life of the product, the ink layers have always been affected by heat and humidity’. This is confirmation correct storage must now be mandatory to maintain suitability of usage for all papers without the variation.

Where Spirit Tattoo Paper must be stored below 37.8°C (100°F) and away from high humidity. Where Spirit Paper has exceeded this temperature or been subjected to humidity, the wax layer will soften and the paper integrity is lost. The paper has ‘gone off’.

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